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Kerryn Vaughan

In a former life I was living the rockstar life - partying, performing for screaming fans, staying out all night, and basically believing I was the centre of the universe.

“I am 35, my life is carefree, selfish, and somewhat reckless. I am performing at a leisure centre in the suburbs, lapping up all the admiration. We take a break and I get a phone call. That call would change my life forever…”

I did everything within my power to keep my sister alive, but I failed…

That event significantly changed my life. I was forced to think outside of myself and about the power I had to help others instead of putting all my energy into my own selfishness. I discovered how important and healing it was to live a life of meaning.

Hi there, I’m Kerryn Vaughan - international speaker and author.

Since 2003 I have been on a mission to build on this meaningfulness and have over the years propelled myself on an upward spiral to make a better life for myself, others, and ultimately the planet.

In 2014, I wrote the book ‘Magnificent Kids!’ which showcases 23 superheroes who started world changing projects before the age of 18. Some were as young as 7! In a strange but wonderful turn of events, it was this book that led me to found One Planet Classrooms in 2015.

One Planet Classrooms is a Not for Profit which supports schools and communities in Africa with projects such as clean water solutions, sustainability projects, women’s empowerment and adult education programs, feminine hygiene solutions, as well as coordinating a sponsorship program that provides education for over 180 children. 

In 2018 I became wildly accountable after making a pledge to ‘launch a female focused initiative’ in front of 300 women at an International Women’s Day event. No backing out of that one! I co-founded Girls With Hammers which hosts conferences and workshops aimed at empowering women. We feel it’s critical to empower women as there is a massive gap in equality that needs to be closed, and because it has been proven over and over again that if women are empowered, the world’s economy will flourish. So ultimately that’s a no-brainer!

In 2019 I released my book ‘Get Off The Bench!’ which is about getting your project or idea out of your head, on to paper and into action. Why? Because so many people I work with, have brilliant ideas but just don’t know where to start. As an extension of this I facilitate Get Off The Bench workshops where we really unpack ideas and dreams and bring them to life. EVERY workshop sees the birth of some incredible projects. 

So for me life has had some very impactful twists and turns, good and bad, and I have gathered a very large bucket of tools and lessons.

Here are just a few things I’ve learned:

Your life must have meaning

You need to help others and help yourself equally

You have to actually ‘get off the bench’ to make something better

Nobody else has a magic wand for your life so stop expecting them to

The most important thing in life is how you FEEL

I hope something I do or say will positively change your life forever...


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